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Plant Pots

Our beautiful fibreglass plant pots are made to order and designed to be low maintenance and last for years to come. They come in a wide array of colours and sizes, and can even come with custom-made add-ons to accommodate real or faux plants, lighting, electrical features, and irrigation. Our fibreglass plant pots are fantastic for plants of all shapes and sizes, including raised beds, vegetables and herbs, decorative plants and even trees. Perfect for adding a touch of greenery to any space.

Water Slides

We are the only company in Victoria to specialise in creating custom-made water slides. These fibreglass pool slides can be made to your exact requirements. These slides are a fantastic attraction for visitors and make for a unique feature. We can work with existing infrastructure to repair and replace existing water slides, or work with other landscaping and play park professionals to create something from scratch.

Ponds and Water Features

We can custom build your pond or water feature, we can also make it look like render, concrete or any colour bond colour inside and out. Fibreglass Victoria provides on-site fibreglassing of ponds and can produce ponds in our Preston workshop for delivery made to your bespoke design. Full range of colours and finishes available. You won’t be disappointed with water features fabrication by Fibreglass Victoria.

Garden Furniture

Achieve the same look as you would with concrete garden furniture and outdoor decor, but with much less work to transport and install. Fibreglass outdoor furniture can be custom-made to whatever shape, size and finish you like. Easy to order, install and maintain.

Architectural Mouldings

These lightweight and low labour moldings last longer, are easy to maintain, and simple to install.

Swimming Pool Repairs

Complete fibreglass swimming pool refurb and repairs


We repair Jet skis, caravans and almost everything else that is fibreglass. Fibreglass repair work is our specialty here at Fibreglass Victoria. Our repair work varies from swimming pools, caravans, showers, tanks and cars… Basically, if it’s fibreglass and it needs repairing, We can fix it!

Firepit Seats

Fibreglass firepit seats are a specialty at Fibreglass Victoria, We can make them to any size, shape or colour.


Playpark equipment, varying from slides, boats, swings, and custom-made pieces. We restore older playpark pieces like the much-loved miracle swings around Melbourne.


We do a whole range of automotive parts from body kits to hot rods, we also do repairs to damaged fibreglass car parts.

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