Ponds and Water Features


We can custom build your pond or water feature, we can also make it look like render, concrete or any colour bond colour inside and out. Fibreglass Victoria provides on-site fibreglassing of ponds and can produce ponds in our Preston workshop for delivery made to your bespoke design. Full range of colours and finishes available. You won’t be disappointed with water features fabrication by Fibreglass Victoria.


We have over 100 colours available. 


We give you an easy-to-follow maintenance guide for you to do yourself, alternatively, we offer ongoing maintenance packages. Please ask for pricing, subject to change according to project.


We offer a one-year structural warranty on our ponds.

Custom Made

We have ready-to-go moulds, as well as the ability to custom make your project for your specific requirements. 


We do not provide fitting, however, we do have recommended contractors who we can refer you to. Please ask for a referral when requesting a quote.


This is really dependent on the project size and scale.

For projects going into existing infrastructure or using existing moulds it can be as quick as 2-6 weeks.

For custom or larger projects, with no existing infrastructure, it can take upwards of 3 months.

Please call us to get an estimate on your project.

On-site Pond Fibreglassing

We offer a range of unmatched benefits with our on-site fibreglassing services. Our seamless fibreglass application ensures a durable and watertight finish, providing years of low-maintenance enjoyment. Our skilled team is fully equipped to handle any size and shape, whether it’s a small residential pond or a large commercial project.

On-site fibreglassing is ideal for unusual shapes, custom bases, large-scale water features, and areas where the pond or water feature needs to be built into a uniquely shaped space. This method is perfect for water features designed to be eco-filters, with dedicated water planter areas and pump fittings. It is also a great option for billabong-style water features, which are designed to look like natural swimming holes.

Fibreglassing provides a natural-looking finish while ensuring added longevity with easy cleaning and maintenance. You can trust us to transform your pond, water feature, or rainwater storage into a stunning masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression.

Booking our services is easy, simply fill out our online Quote form and be sure to select the “On-site Fibreglassing” option.

How to order

Get in touch

Click ‘Get a quote’, call or email us and tell us a bit more about your project. Be sure to include photos of what you want, or of the area you would like repaired. 

We send a quote

Once we have the specifics of the project we will email you a quote. If you can provide dimensions, colours, finish and any other specifics of the project the quote can be sent out within 3 business days. 

Otherwise we will need to decide this first before proceeding. 

Start work

When you confirm we will need a 50% deposit to book in the project. This is payable by bank transfer. 

Once received the work can begin.

Project Complete

When your project is done we will issue you the final invoice.

Please be sure to give your feedback and Google review.

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