Fibreglass in the construction industry

This house has more fibreglass in it than you think! This is a house in the UK, Where fibreglass is a big-time player in the construction industry and has been used for over thirty years over there. My goal is to bring fibreglass to the Australian construction industry. To my knowledge fibreglass isn’t being used […]

Fibreglass mould making

The information provided is a general guideline. The information does not guarantee success. Any information used will be done at the user’s risk. Fibreglass Victoria can in no form be held responsible for outcome of using this information. Plug preparation To make a mould, a plug is needed. A plug is the exact shape and […]

Clown swing repair

I was contacted by Darebin council back in October to quote on the repair of what I thought at the time was a really creepy clown swing at C.H. Sullivan in Reservoir. Fast forward four months and I’ve now brought two of these swings back to life with a third starting in a few weeks. […]